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Whale Watching in Liguria: cruises departing from Savona!

Make your holiday in Liguria even more unforgettable and unique with a cruise dedicated to whale watching!

The sea of our region is one of the richest, in terms of life, of Mediterranean Sea. This marine protected area is called "Cetacean Santuary", where you will be able to see loggerhead sea turtles, sperm whales, dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, blue whales and much more playing while following the boat wake. Hearing them breathing and swimming and, after spectacular moves, seeing them lifting their tails above the sea and sink will be a breathtaking experience!

To admire this beautiful and huge mammals, there are daily cruises with marine biologists leaving from many ports, like from Savona, that you will be able to reach with our free shuttle.

For this fantastic experience, perfect both for adults and children, you will have to keep in mind some behavioral advices: for example, cetaceans are very sensitive to sound, so while approaching it's better to remain silent. Furthermore, avoid camera flashes, throwing objects in the sea or jumping in the water.



Remember to pack binoculars, sun cream, a hat to protect from sun rays, a jacket or kway depending on the weather and a snack!

For informations on departures and how to reach the harbour, contact our Front Desk by calling 019 26 40 65 or sending an email to info@marehotel.it!

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