#foodlovers - Mare Hotel - Savona


Transform your stay into an experience of good food and relax, with our #foodlovers experience!

You will have the opportunity to savor tasty dishes, become a barman for a day, watch the preparation of exotic sushi dishes, taste local wines in our "Cantina Teatro" and discover the delicacies of our prestigious gourmet restaurant "A Spurcacciun-A".

Upon your arrival you will be welcomed in the area dedicated to #foodlovers, where you will receive all the necessary information and a welcome to start your tasting experience in the right way!

After a moment of relax in your room, our bartenders will wait for you in the charming Bistrot to immerse yourself in the world of Mixology and help you in creating your very own cocktail, to enjoy with delicious tapas from our kitchen during the aperitif.

The Sushi Beach will envelop you in an oriental atmosphere thanks to the station reserved for you, directly in front of the sushiman: you will be enchanted by the swift and harmonious movements of the chefs and you will discover the secrets of sushi preparation while enjoying a tasting menu prepared specifically for you.

The next day, after a relaxing breakfast in your room, you will venture into our Cantina Teatro accompanied by our sommelier while tasting local wines: at the end of the tour, the chef of the A Spurcacciun-a restaurant Simone Perata will wait for you at the pass of the new open kitchen for an aperitif where you will discover the secrets of haute cuisine. You will end with a 6-course tasting tour, savoring our "Tradition and Innovation" menu.

For information or to book the experience, contact us by sending an email to info@marehotel.it or by calling 019.264065

Your #foodlovers experience begins!




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