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Outdoor Mountain Bike

Are you a fan of bike sports?  

Then the Konca Verde Ride Experience is definitely for you!

Thanks to the organization Konca Verde it is possible to explore the heights of Savona along paths on mountain bikes while observing the panorama with much more adrenaline!
Conca Verde is a balcony overlooking the city of Savona characterized by routes suitable for those who want to venture into the nature of our city, or for experienced bikers who want to train on more complex routes.
The organization offers mountain bike trails accompanied by a guide of the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI) along these paths.
But it does not end here!
In fact, Konca Verde offers various services to learn about cycling thanks to mountain biking lessons with FCI masters. The organization also allows you to experience the increasingly popular Pump Track, a modular track composed of curves and humps made of different materials, to be faced in all fantasy with bikes provided by Quiliano Bike.
The Konca Verde offers the possibility to rent eBike, electric mountain bikes that allow you to explore any terrain, road or path, regardless of your level of training and technical skills.

Get in the saddle and discover the nature that surrounds Savona through this magnificent adventure!
Contact us at 019 26 40 65 or by writing to info@marehotel.it.

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