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Horsewatching Liguria: the only herd of wild horses existing in Italy!

We have always admired Liguria for its coast and the mountains close to the sea. Today we'll reveal you one more reason to fall in love with our territory: Liguria is in fact the only region of Italy to host a herd of wild horses!
In the Val d'Aveto Park there is a herd of about 40 horses that have never had contact with man and, just like the American mustangs or the Przewalski horses of Mongolia, they live among the pastures and beech woods of one of the most beautiful natural parks of Italy. This herd manages itself during all seasons, following the teachings given by mother nature, and represents a truly unique resource in Italy!

To admire this unique natural resource, the "Wild Horsewatching - The wild horses of Aveto" project was born, thanks to which it is possible to make guided excursions with expert naturalists and qualified environmental excursion guides.
The excursions, of one or more days, on foot, take place from March to November for at least 5 participants at a cost of € 15.00.

How to behave when you are close to a wild horse?
- Observe them from a safe distance about 10-15 meters: they are peaceful and not dangerous animals, but the distance must be kept so as not to get them used to humans
- Don't stand up when you watch them, crouch down to make yourself smaller and give them less trouble
- Do not gather around the herd, but choose a sheltered observation point and where you can stay close. They may need to move and you must not be an obstacle to their movements, for your safety and their freedom
- Do not extend your stay longer than 5-10 minutes
- Switch off all cellphones
- Speak softly
- Do not leave food around (and no waste!) and above all never give them anything to eat!

It is a treasure to be kept and studied, a precious open-air laboratory to observe and learn about the horse and its true nature.
Don't miss this opportunity!

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