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Sea and mountains: Trekking on the heights of Bergeggi

Liguria is an incredible region from many points of view, especially the naturalistic one! There are few places where it is possible to enjoy the sea and the mountains in one place, our region is the right place!
Today we recommend the route from Spotorno to Bergeggi, ideal both for those who want to enjoy a walk on the high ground and for those who want to take a dip in the sea. The difficulty is minimal, in fact even children can participate.
It starts from Spotorno, in via Antica Romana where there is a red X indicating the beginning of the route: do not worry about the climb, we assure you to be the steepest of the whole stretch! At the top you will find a path up with a panoramic view towards Torre del Mare and the islet of Bergeggi. Leave the branch for Monte Mao on the left and the sign with a red X followed so far.
The new signpost to follow for the Gola di S. Elena is made up of three red dots arranged in a triangle. Continuing the path for about 10 minutes, you will reach the Sant’Elena gorge, where we recommend you stop for lunch or, if you are more reckless, take a hang glider or paraglide flight!
For the descent, take the path of the cork forest of Bergeggi, marked with the signpost two empty red squares. It is characterized by the presence of typical Mediterranean botanical herbs. Continue the descent until you find yourself on the road that connects Bergeggi and the sea tower, you can choose one of the many beaches in the area to enjoy a nice refreshing swim and end the day relaxing!
This excursion can be done in half a day, but we advise you to take advantage of the whole day with a packed lunch to enjoy it to the fullest!

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